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Lavish Shea Butter

Lavish Hair Follicle Oil (1 oz)

Lavish Hair Follicle Oil (1 oz)

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Ingredients include:

Castor Oil, Castor Oil, Indian Camphor Oil, 21 Organic Hair Growth Herbs

Lavish Shea follicle oil has only 4 natural ingredients:

Castor Oil & Olive Oil which are commonly known oils known to strengthen the Hair follicle while providing sheen and softness to the hair and scalp. 

Indian Camphor Oil is an Indian derived oil intended to stimulate blood flow to promote healthy hair growth, being an organic topical it’s only Jon is to grow hair

21 Organic Hair Growth Oils Activate immediately after 30 minutes


How to use: Apply product onto hair and any problem areas. Massage in a circular motion allowing absorb into scalp. Use twice daily and as needed. 

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