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Lavish Shea Butter

Lavish Butter™

Lavish Butter™

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Ingredients: Highest Quality Organic Shea Butter infused with 100% Almond Oil

Wake up dry skin and show off your skins natural radiance with Lavish Shea Butter™ luxurious 100% natural Shea Butter. Best used on all skin types to soothe, smooth, heal, glow and treat dry skin. Lavish Shea Butter insures hydrated moisturized skin for 24 hours daily!

  • 100% Natural Skin and Body Butter
  • Melts smoothly and effortlessly into skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Natural SPF

How to use: Apply product onto body, face, hair and any problem areas. Massage in a circular motion allowing absorb into skin revealing luminous results. Use daily and as needed. 


Whats the difference between the Yellow and White Shea Butter?

Our Yellow Shea Butter is unrefined and contains more of earths organic elements while our White Shea Butter is more refined still containing our much needed organic elements. 

What sizes do the jars come in?
All products are sold in 8oz jars. 

Almond Allergy? No worries, select “No Almond Oil”.

Lavish Shea Butter™ imports the highest quality Shea butter from Ghana, Africa.

IG: @lavishsheabutter

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